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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Complete Sonatas for Keyboard and Violin, Vol.2 – Gary Cooper, Rachel Podger (2005) [Official Digital Download DSF Stereo DSD64/2.82MHz + FLAC 24bit/192kHz]

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Complete Sonatas for Keyboard and Violin, Vol.2 – Gary Cooper, Rachel Podger (2005)
DSF Stereo DSD64/2.82MHz | Time – 01:11:06 minutes | 2,89 + 2.43 GB | Genre: Classical
Official Digital Download – Source: nativeDSDmusic |  © Channel Classics Records B.V.
Recorded: The Church of Our Lady, St Mary, South Creake, UK, October 2004

Rachel & I feel that, by using a fortepiano throughout, we present a sort of musical ‘level playing field’ with regard to our choice of Mozart’s sonatas included on this disc – spanning as it does such a huge portion of the composer’s life & musical development. While K.6 may at first appear to the listener as amiable juvenilia, sitting as it does alongside a sonata of such undoubted breadth & maturity as K.481, we firmly believe that allowing Mozart’s early – and outstanding – ventures into this genre to speak for themselves by using using the same instruments throughout, we hope to draw attention to his early work in the best way – in a way that is not only so suggestive of what would in time follow, but also seeks to demonstrate the eight year old’s already fecund imagination and uncanny sense of musical line. –Gary Cooper

“The interaction between Rachel Podger and the gifted fortepianist Gary Cooper is no less than extraordinary. They succeed in cracking a formidable code that leads the listener to understand the musical connection between single phrases and larger sections within the sonata form Mozart perfected. (…) (…) Podger and Cooper’s masterly first endeavour captures the heart and the mind of the master.” –The Strad

“The outstanding work on this second instalment is the big E flat Sonata K481. Cooper and Podger provide a broad performance of its wonderful slow movement that really plumbs its depths, applying ornamentation in a way that Mozart might well have done himself. Cooper and Podger are superb in the G major K301, with an account of the minor-mode siciliano-like episode in its finale that’s both expressive and irresistibly lilting.” –BBC Music Magazine

“Gary Cooper and Rachel Podger’s projected set of the Mozart duo sonatas (of which this is the second volume) will be more complete than most, including the works he wrote for keyboard with accompanying violin between the ages of seven and 10. Of course these can’t be compared to the later sonatas but they’re certainly not without interest; and on the present disc the progress between No 2 and No 15 is striking – the latter’s Adagio shows an enormous increase in expressive range (further extended by Gary Cooper’s extravagant decoration of the repeats) with the violin complementing the melody most effectively. The decision to use the same fortepiano for all the sonatas may not be the most accurate historical way of presenting them but, as Cooper points out, it does help the listener to hear them as belonging to a single line of development.
Both artists show an impressive command of the rhetorical 18th-century approach to phrasing and expression, giving a very lively air to the music-making – there are no flat, routine moments. The theatrical manner of No 18’s first movement inspires a wonderfully bright, colourful performance, and the contrasts inherent in the two-speed opening movement of No 20 are brilliantly realised.
Some may find the continually active style of playing a step too far, and there were places, in the first movement of No 33, for example, where a calmer, less eventful approach might have been welcome. But the great Adagio of this sonata has a beautiful sense of line and, throughout, the marriage of expertise and stylistic awareness results in truly treasurable performances.” –Gramophone Classical Music Guide

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)
Sonata in C Major KV 303 (293c)
1 Adagio / Molto Allegro 5
2 Tempo di Menuetto 5.48
Sonata in D Major KV 7 (1763-64)
3 Allegro molto 4.41
4 Adagio 6.25
5 Menuet I & II 2.45
Sonata in G Major KV 301 (293a)
6 Allegro con spirito 8.11
7 Allegro 5.30
Sonata in F Major KV 30 (1766)
8 Adagio 7.17
9 Rondeau 2.55
Sonata in E flat Major KV 481
10 Molto allegro 6.58
11 Adagio 8.45
12 Allegretto 7.50

Rachel Podger – violin
Gary Cooper – fortepiano


FLAC (Source: DSD64 (converted at KORG AudioGate 2.3.3 / DSD Filter Sharp Roll-off -3dB/42kHz / TPDF Diter)

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