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Various Artists – Master – Superior Audiophile (2016) SACD ISO

Various Artists – Master – Superior Audiophile (2016)
Instrumental, Jazz, Tango | SACD ISO: DST64 2.0 > 1-bit/2.8224 MHz | 0.97 GB
Label: Master | Release Year: 2016

This sampler SACD contains music from such artist as Sinne Eeg, Quadro Nuevo, Scott Hamilton, Nicki Parott, Fragile, Simone Kopmajer, Martina Eisenrich and more.

1. Lotus Moon (Peter Kater/Tina Guo)
2. Ghost In This House (Simone Kopmajer)
3. the Jeannie C (Anne Wylie)
4. Meditation On An Oildrum (Martina Eisenreich)
5. If I Give My Heart To You (Nicki Parrott)
6. For Those Who’s Not (Sordal)
7. Bahar Zamani (Garcia-Fons/D. Turkan)
8. The Nightingale (M. Hoppe / Fiuditta)
9. All You Need I Love (Simone Kopmajer)
10. Shake It, But Don’t Break It (Scott Hamilton)
11. Que Sera (Fragile)
12. Month of May (Sinne Eeg)
13. Up and Down (Stefanie Boltz)
14. Garcias Tango (Quadro Nuevo)


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