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Philippe Jaroussky & Artaserse – La vanita del mondo (2020) [Official Digital Download 24bit/192kHz]

Philippe Jaroussky & Artaserse – La vanità del mondo (2020)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/96 kHz | Time – 01:13:03 minutes | 2,71 GB | Genre: Classical
Studio Masters, Official Digital Download | Digital Booklet, Front Cover | © Warner Classics

After a recording career spanning almost twenty years, Philippe Jaroussky is looking forward. His new album, recorded in June 2020 just after France’s first Covid-19 lockdown, was conceived as a project that would complete the French countertenors previous recordings. After having already tried his hand at baroque and motet tunes, he has now decided to throw himself into Italian Oratorio. Of the 18 tracks on this record, more than one third are recording world firsts: songs by Pietro Torri, Fortunato Chelleri, Nicola Fago, Benedetto Marcello, an array of discoveries which bear witness to the 17th century’s intellectual and musical abundance as well as the first half of the century which followed it.

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Philippe Jaroussky, L’Arpeggiata, Christina Pluhar – Los Pajaros Perdidos (2012) [Official Digital Download 24bit/88,2kHz]

Philippe Jaroussky, L’Arpeggiata, Christina Pluhar – Los Pajaros Perdidos (2014)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/88,2kHz | Time – 01:15:25 minutes | 1,3 GB | Genre: Classical
Studio Masters, Official Digital Download | Digital Booklet, Front Cover | © Erato

Since founding L’Arpeggiata in 2000 as an early music ensemble, Christina Pluhar has taken it in some directions not usually associated with the rarified world of historically informed performance practice, particularly into the traditions of Southern European folk music and jazz. In Los Pájaros Perdidos: The South American Project, she ventures even further afield into the world of modern Latin American popular song and folk song. She argues persuasively that the Renaissance and Baroque instruments the Spanish introduced to the New World in the 16th and 17th century remained essentially the same, while back in Europe they developed in entirely new directions so that the difference between the sound of an early music ensemble and a popular South American instrumental group is less significant than one might expect. Based on the sound of this album, she seems to be right. She uses both European and Latin American instruments and although the results are clearly not exactly the same as they would be with either group on its own, they’re awfully close, certainly close enough to make the project entirely persuasive. Each of the songs or instrumentals uses instruments from both worlds and the blend is often magical. The addition of the European psaltery and distinctive American percussion in particular expand the traditional sound of either culture. The singers are all members of L’Arpeggiata and succeed in varying degrees in hitting the swing of the Latin rhythms. Countertenor Philippe Jaroussky is perhaps the least effective, although his singing is consistently beautiful. It’s only in contrast to Lucilla Galeazzi, Luciana Mancini, Vincenzo Capezzuto, and Raquel Andueza, who sound like they have this idiom in their blood, that Jaroussky sounds less that fully effective. Mancini is especially impressive; her gutsy alto is ideally suited to fiery, passionate songs like Montilla, while Capezzuto shines in the sunnier songs, and Galeazzi and Andueza excel in the languid, achingly poignant ballads. Andueza’s yearning Besame mucho is one of the highlights of the album. L’Arpeggiata and the quartet of Latin American instruments headed by Quito Gato play their hearts out. Virgin Classics’ sound is immaculate, finely detailed, and warmly intimate. Highly recommended.

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Philippe Jaroussky – Ombra mai fu – Francesco Cavalli Opera Arias (2019) [Official Digital Download 24bit/96kHz]

Philippe Jaroussky – Ombra mai fu – Francesco Cavalli Opera Arias (2019)
FLAC (tracks) 24-bit/96 kHz | Time – 01:05:02 minutes | 1,15 GB | Genre:  Classical
Studio Masters, Official Digital Download | Digital Booklet, Front Cover | © Warner Classics

Although Francesco Cavalli’s twenty-seven operas that still exist today have increasingly become part of the world’s opera repertoire, there was a time when the works of this flamboyant composer had completely fell into obscurity. As they were not published like those of his master Monteverdi, Cavalli’s works remained as (often incomplete) manuscripts and were painstakingly reconstituted for a modern edition. By the end of the 1960s, Raymond Leppard and musicologist Alan Curtis set out to resuscitate this forgotten music through memorable stage performances at Glyndebourne Festival, featuring a brilliant casting of some of the greatest voices of the time: Janet Baker, Ileana Cotrubas, James Bowman and Hugues Cuenod. The staging and sound restitution were particularly extravagant, and audiences discovered − in both an album and a filmed performance − an incredibly varied music characterised by constant gender swapping and triumphant eroticism, in often uproarious situations! This extraordinary sensory exaltation, from tragedy to parody, is expertly expressed by Philippe Jaroussky – a countertenor very familiar with Cavalli’s work − on this album made up of around twenty extracts that perfectly encapsulate the Venetian public’s expectations. Around him, the voices of soprano Emöke Baráth and contralto Marie-Nicole Lemieux give rise to a few delightful duos.  – François Hudry

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Philippe Jaroussky – La storia di Orfeo (2017) [Official Digital Download 24bit/96kHz]

Philippe Jaroussky – La storia di Orfeo (2017)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/96 kHz  | Time – 01:03:56 minutes | 1,25 GB | Genre: Classical
Studio Masters, Official Digital Download | Digital Booklet | © Erato – Warner Classics

With Philippe Jaroussky’s new album, Storia di Orfeo, the French countertenor realises a long-held dream: to portray the mythic Orpheus – divine musician who ventures into the underworld to retrieve his beloved wife Eurydice from the clutches of death – in his many guises, an inspiration for the very first opera and beyond.

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Philippe Jaroussky – Gluck: Orfeo ed Euridice (2018) [Official Digital Download 24bit/96kHz]

Philippe Jaroussky – Gluck: Orfeo ed Euridice (2018)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/96 kHz  | Time – 01:17:20 minutes | 1,48 GB | Genre: Classical
Studio Masters, Official Digital Download | Booklet, Front Cover | © Warner Classics

This is the first-ever recording of this particular version of Orfeo ed Euridice by Gluck: the one he wrote for the Royal Theatre of Naples, for the 1774 Carnival. That said, it is based in part on the first, Viennese, version, dated 1762 (in which Orpheus was sung by an alto castrato), but also on the 1769 revision for Parma, where the role of Orpheus was given to a male soprano. The notes, the tonalities, the instrumentation, the tempos and the number of dynamics underwent substantial modifications in the version for the Neapolitan Carnival: the work is at once perfectly recognisable, and yet different from its normal form; and some completely new numbers are added, of which the first is quite possibly the work of dilettante aristocrat Diego Naselli, and maybe the second, too. The orchestration has also undergone many modifications, surely to do with local constraints and availabilities. The Neapolitan success of 1774 was such that in November of the same year, the famous Teatro San Carlo took on the work – again in a new version, with not three but eight characters and several apocryphal numbers from Johann Christian Bach and other contemporary stars, which stretched the work out to three acts, whereas the present version only has one, split into six scenes. Orpheus is sung by Philippe Jaroussky, Eurydice by Amanda Forsythe, Amore by Emöke Baráth, while Diego Fasolis gives a spirited lead to the ensemble I Barocchisti and the Coro della Radio Svizzera (The Swiss Radio Choir). Lovers of Gluck will be delighted to discover yet another of the many possible facets of a work which has seen countless revisions and wanderings.

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Philippe Jaroussky – Vivaldi: Pieta – Sacred works (2014) [Official Digital Download 24bit/96kHz]

Philippe Jaroussky – Vivaldi: Pietà – Sacred works (2014)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/96 kHz  | Time – 01:18:17 minutes | 1,33 GB | Genre: Classical
Studio Masters, Official Digital Download | Booklet, Front Cover | © Erato – Warner Classics

Philippe Jaroussky turns once again to the poignant meditation on grief that is the Stabat Mater — this time in Vivaldi’s searingly beautiful 1712 setting — along with a selection of the Red Priest’s solo motets and sacred works. But it’s not all solemn fare: Clarae stellae scintillate is an uplifting, light-filled motet in praise of Mary, and the sweet-toned ‘Domine Deus’ from the Gloria RV589 has an almost pastoral lilt. There are, of course, the vocal pyrotechnics characteristic in which Jaroussky excels, as in the blazing Alleluia of Longe mala, umbrae, terrores RV629.

“After several recordings dedicated to lesser-known repertoire from composers such as J.C. Bach, Caldara and Porpora, I felt not only a musical need but also a physical yearning to return to Vivaldi,” says Jaroussky. “His famous Stabat Mater is one of the great masterpieces of the Baroque, but I also wanted to record the motet Longe mala, umbrae, terrores, a work I find utterly fascinating.”

For Pietà Jaroussky reunites with Ensemble Artaserse, the chamber orchestra he founded in 2005, and almost a decade later he has come full circle, completing an important triptych of Vivaldi recital albums.

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Philippe Jaroussky & Ensemble Artaserse – Benedetto Ferrari: Musiche Varie a voce sola, libri I, II & III (2003/2018) [Official Digital Download 24bit/44,1kHz]

Philippe Jaroussky & Ensemble Artaserse – Benedetto Ferrari: Musiche Varie a voce sola, libri I, II & III (2003/2018)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/44,1 kHz  | Time – 01:04:04 minutes | 641 MB | Genre: Classical
Studio Masters, Official Digital Download | Front Cover | © La Musica

This re-release of an album recorded in 2003 and for a long, long time unavailable on the market – sometimes it can be found on sale for eye-watering sums – is the vision supplied by Philippe Jaroussky and the musicians of the Artaserse ensemble, of the 14 concert airs (and what airs!) written by Benedetto Ferrari (1603-1681). While he is not very well known today, Ferrari was a great star in his day, and one might well suspect that the final duet from L’incoronazione di Poppea, signed by Monteverdi – the extraordinarily moving Pur ti miro, pur ti godo  – might well have been written by Ferrari. Alas, none of his own operas have survived, but we still know three books of airs by Ferrari: the Musiche varie a voce sola (published in Venice in 1633, 1637 and 1641), from which Jaroussky has made this judicious selection. If the musical differences between the airs do not necessarily jump out at the listener at first, no-one can deny the virtuosity of the young Jaroussky on display here – he was 25 years old at the time, and he had not yet won the numerous awards which would propel his career onwards, starting with the 2004 “Victoire de la Musique”.  But it was all already there…

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Philippe Jaroussky – The Handel Album (2017) [Official Digital Download 24bit/96kHz]

Philippe Jaroussky – The Handel Album (2017)
FLAC (tracks) 24-bit/96 kHz | Time – 01:11:45 minutes | 1,34 GB | Genre: Classical
Studio Master, Official Digital Download – Source: Qobuz | Booklet, Front Cover | © Warner Classics

For this performance, Philippe Jaroussky has picked a bouquet of pieces from lesser-known operas. Siroe, Riccardo primo, Flavio, Tolomeo and many others, written for the London stage between 1715 and 1740. With his Artaserse ensemble, which Jaroussky considers to have been the place where he has been able to fully mature, over several years of playing concerts all over the world,  the counter-tenor also presents a reflection on the repertoire of the castrato. Because, since this little procedure was discontinued, the singers tackling these roles have been performing airs which were not written for us, and have to be adapted to us. Bearing in mind that when Haendel put on an opera with a different troupe, he didn’t hesitate to re-work entire roles to adapt them to new singers; Jaroussky has taken it upon himself to do the same for some of these airs, which he knows are not suited to his type of voice, and for which original versions with the correct tones are not always available. Regardless, this is an excellent exploration of Haendel’s rarities, with some virtuoso turns, and material running from the introverted to the narrative, the lyrical to the explosive. Note that Artaserse are playing without a conductor, Jaroussky leading from the front, with his voice.

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Bach & Telemann – Sacred Cantatas – Philippe Jaroussky, Freiburger Barockorchester (2016) [Official Digital Download 24bit/96kHz]

Bach & Telemann – Sacred Cantatas – Philippe Jaroussky, Freiburger Barockorchester (2016)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/96 kHz  | Time – 01:14:50 minutes | 1,36 GB | Genre: Classical
Studio Masters, Official Digital Download – Source: Qobuz | Booklet, Front Cover | © Erato – Warner Classics
Recorded: Ensemblehaus Freiburg, 12–19 December 2015

For her first recording on Erato as a newly-signed exclusive artist, Nathalie Stutzmann conducts her superb Orfeo 55 musicians playing on Baroque instruments, while singing some of Handel’s most virtuosic arias, all with a rare mastery of both arts – neither one in the shadow of the other.

Heroes from the Shadows makes stars of the unfairly overlooked roles – from Arsamene to Zenobia – who sing Handel’s hidden operatic jewels: Cornelia from Giulio Cesare (‘Son nata’ in duet with star countertenor Philippe Jaroussky as her guest), Dardano’s stately ‘Pena tiranna’ from Amadigi di Gaula, and the sublime, intimate ‘Senti, bell’idol mio’ sung by Claudio in Silla. Nathalie Stutzmann also relinquishes vocal duties to conduct Orfeo 55 in ravishing instrumental music: sinfonias from Poro, Partenope, Scipione and Serse.

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Johann Sebastian Bach, Georg Philipp Telemann – Sacred Cantatas – Philippe Jaroussky, Freiburger Barockorchester, Petra Mullejans (2017) Blu-ray 1080i AVC DTS-HD MA 5.1

Сomposer: Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750), Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767)
Title: Bach, Telemann – Sacred Cantatas
Release Date: 2017
Recorded Date: Alte Oper Frankfurt, 10th November 2011
Genre: Classical
Director: Petra Müllejans
Artist: Philippe Jaroussky, contre-ténor; Ann-Kathrin Brüggemann, oboe; Juan de la Rubia, organ; Freiburger Barockorchester; Petra Müllejans, violin & direction

Production/Label: EuroArts Music International GmbH
Duration: 01:21:36
Quality: Blu-ray
Container: BDMV
Video codec: AVC
Audio codec: DTS, PCM
Video: MPEG-4 AVC 19961 kbps / 1920*1080i / 29,970 fps / 16:9 / High Profile 4.1
Audio#1: DTS-HD MA 5.1 / 48 kHz / 4065 kbps / 24-bit (DTS Core: 5.1 / 48 kHz / 1509 kbps / 24-bit)
Audio#2: LPCM 2.0 / 48 kHz / 2304 kbps / 24-bit
Subtitles: French, German, English
Size: 17.68 GB

Long-awaited DVD and Bluray release of the concert recorded live at Alte Oper Frankfurt on 10th November 2011. Three of the concert pieces can also be found on Philippe Jaroussky’s Oct 2016 Bach & Telemann ‘Sacred Cantatas’ album with the same orchestra in their studio version. Apart from the 2012 DVD/Bluray release “Greatest Moments in Concert”, this release is the only Philippe Jaroussky concert DVD and Bluray currently available. When Philippe Jaroussky – whose angelic voice seems almost timeless – sings works by Telemann and Bach, it becomes abundantly clear that the sheer emotional force and the purifying power of their music have not diminished one bit over the centuries. Including 3 bonus clips with Philippe Jaroussky talking about his work with the Freiburger Barockorchester and Bach & Telemann. Philippe Jaroussky has established himself as the most admired countertenor of his generation, as confirmed by the French ‘Victoires de la Musique’ awards (‘Revelation Artiste Lyrique’ in 2004, ‘Artiste lyrique de l’année’ in 2007 and in 2010, CD of the Year 2009) and multiple Echo Klassik Awards in Germany (2005, 2008, 2011-2012, 2015 and 2016).

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