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Dixie Dregs – Night Of The Living Dregs (1979) [Original US Pressing] {Vinyl Rip 24Bit/96khz}

Dixie Dregs – Night Of The Living Dregs
Vinyl | LP Cover (1:1) | FLAC + cue | 24bit/96kHz | 734 mb
Label: Capricorn Records/CPN 0216 | Release: 1979 | Genre: Progressive-Fusion

This is a fine album, live too and it’s magically creates all the atmospheres and ingredients required for a live gig to be a success both on the night and on medium. There is great energy throughout but the best highlights for me are Long Slow Distance, Patchwork and Night of the Living Dregs. It was this album that hooked me onto the Dregs so if you are looking at introductions to new sounds look no further than here.

Review by Chris S,

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Dixie Dregs ‎- Dregs Of The Earth (1980) [Original US Pressing] {Vinyl Rip 24Bit/96khz}

Dixie Dregs ‎- Dregs Of The Earth
Vinyl | LP Cover (1:1) | FLAC + cue | 24bit/96kHz  | 818mb
Label: Arista/ALB6-8305 | Release: 1980 | Genre: Progressive-Fusion

Wow, Steve Morse is such a versatile and aggressive musician as well!! His creature- “Dixie Dregs”- fits perfectly into his stunning style. This is art rock, enriched with incredible guitar excursions into the US country music, performed skilfully and also emotionally supported by a fine violin! Music should be represented by albums like these…because it’s simple from the point of view of its compositions, but also tinged with a lot of music colours. I remember his experience with Kansas, but I think of the incredible personal style of Morse here, and I think it’s better in this kind of music approach!!

Review by lor68,

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Dixie Dregs – Best Of The Dixie Dregs (1987) [Original US Pressing] {Vinyl Rip 24Bit/96khz}

The Dixie Dregs – Best Of The Dixie Dregs
Vinyl | LP Cover (1:1) | FLAC + cue | 24bit/96kHz | 900mb
Mastered By Trutone
Label: Grand Slamm Records/PSP5016 | Release: 1987 | Genre: Progressive-Fusion

The Dixie Dregs are one of those recording artists who have spread their catalog among competing labels, making a comprehensive compilation difficult to assemble. This midline-priced effort draws only from their initial stint at Capricorn Records, 1977-1979, with nothing from the Arista years (1980-1982), the second Capricorn sojourn (1992-1994, by which time the earlier Capricorn catalog was owned by PolyGram), or the Zebra period (2000). So, perhaps this album should be called something like “The Best of the Early Years.” It draws three tracks from the band’s first Capricorn album, Free Fall, and four each from their second, What If, and their third, Night of the Living Dregs. The Dixie Dregs never had a hit single, so the choice of their best recordings is subjective, but the selection here is reasonable and gives a sense of the breadth of their stylistic diversity, from the fusion music on Free Fall to the rock of “Punk Sandwich” from Night of the Living Dregs and the country hoedown of “Patchwork,” recorded live at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1978 and also included on Night of the Living Dregs. Guitarist Steve Morse, violinist Allen Sloan, and keyboardists Steve Davidowski (on the first three tracks) and Mark Parrish (on the rest) each get to play intricate, fleet-fingered solos, and the rhythm section of bassist Andy West and drummer Rod Morganstein navigates their way through the often-tricky patterns and tempos. This is technically accomplished, showy music that often impresses more than it really engages, unless you are a musician yourself trying to figure out how it’s being played. But that’s The Dixie Dregs, and this is a good summary of the first Capricorn period.

Review by William Ruhlmann,

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