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SFF ‎- Symphonic Pictures (1976) [DE Pressing] {Vinyl Rip 24Bit/96khz}

SFF ‎- Symphonic Pictures
Vinyl | LP Cover (1:1) | FLAC + cue | 24bit/96kHz | 765mb
Label: Brain/0060.010 | Release: 1976 | Genre: Symphonic-Rock

A high source of inspiration to many.
When it comes to name the main influences for today’s prog we name the usual suspects: Yes, King Crimson, ELP yadiyadiyada…But who will name SFF? Me neither! Never! But what a pleasant surprise it’s been to get my hands on this record. Finally, I get to know more SFF and on top, I removed the lid on many artists I though were original! Okay Anglagard and Carptree (the epic song is right Carptree’s alley), you’re busted! You were not the first to create the famous darkish atmosphere; SFF did it, but did not abuse it.
SFF is musically very competent, especially in the guitar and drums departement. Many of you’d say keyboards first, but it’s the wah-wah and complex time signature of Dialog that strucked me first. In this only song, you can name lots of bands that actually were inspired and/or copied this song (and I’m not the first to say it). The epic song Pictures is harder to get around, simply because of it’s unfortunate redundance.
Close to be a perfect score although it would be tempting to snatch off a star for the difficulty of listening to it without doing something. It’s not the kind of music you play loud, so for me it’s better to be occupied than passive, if not it could leave a weird aftertaste of emptiness. It’s a trio okay, but they’re not as entertaining as Emerson Lake and Palmer!
Great album to own, and orgy of Moog and Mellotron.

Review by Menswear,


A1 Tao
A2 Solution
A3 Dialog
A4 Sundrops

B Pictures

– Eduard Schicke / drums, percussion
– Gerd Führs / keyboards
– Heinz Fröhling / bass, guitars, keyboards
Arranged By – SFF
Producer, Arranged By – Dieter Dierks
Written By – Eduard Schicke, Gerhard Führs, Heinz Fröhling


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