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Phish – "Baker’s Dozen" Madison Square Garden, NYC, NY Webcast Rips (1080p Untouched/Trimmed, All 13 Shows)

Thirty-four years into their career, Phish found new ways to surprise their obsessive fan base during their 13-night “Baker’s Dozen” residency at Madison Square Garden, which wrapped up Sunday night. The band didn’t repeat a single song during the run, which included 26 sets of music, 237 songs total. Taking loose inspiration from flavors of designer donuts distributed at the door each night by the Philadelphia-based Federal Donuts, the Vermont quartet debuted a slate of songs that ranged from a 1920s blues standard to a 2007 viral video, from underground Seventies funk to 21st-century art rock. The audience was hardly limited to those inside MSG, or even listening in real time, with the band webcasting the shows and archiving them via their LivePhish platform. The Baker’s Dozen was one of most ambitious seasons of Phish in years: three weeks’ worth of twist-filled musical episodes for an engaged fanbase and onlookers wondering if it’s too late to get in on the joke.

File List:

ph2017-07-21.Webcast.UntouchedTrimmedCH.1080p.hetyet.mkv    5.23 GB
ph2017-07-22.Webcast.UntouchedTrimmedCH.1080p.hetyet.mkv    5.3 GB
ph2017-07-23.Webcast.UntouchedTrimmedCH.1080p.hetyet.mkv    4.93 GB
ph2017-07-25.Webcast.UntouchedTrimmedCH.1080p.hetyet.mkv    5.37 GB
ph2017-07-26.Webcast.UntouchedTrimmedCH.1080p.hetyet.mkv    5.26 GB
ph2017-07-28.Webcast.UntouchedTrimmedCH.1080p.hetyet.mkv    5.43 GB
ph2017-07-29.Webcast.UntouchedTrimmedCH.1080p.hetyet.mkv    4.83 GB
ph2017-07-30.Webcast.UntouchedTrimmedCH.1080p.hetyet.mkv    5.27 GB
ph2017-08-01.Webcast.UntouchedTrimmedCH.1080p.hetyet.mkv    4.91 GB
ph2017-08-02.Webcast.UntouchedTrimmedCH.1080p.hetyet.mkv    5.32 GB
ph2017-08-04.Webcast.UntouchedTrimmedCH.1080p.hetyet.mkv    5.07 GB
ph2017-08-05.Webcast.UntouchedTrimmedCH.1080p.hetyet.mkv    5.21 GB
ph2017-08-06.Webcast.UntouchedTrimmedCH.1080p.hetyet.mkv    4.92 GB


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