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L’Arpeggiata, Christina Pluhar – Rossi : La lyra d’Orfeo & Arpa Davidica (2019) [Official Digital Download 24bit/44,1kHz]

L’Arpeggiata, Christina Pluhar – Rossi : La lyra d’Orfeo & Arpa Davidica (2019)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/44,1kHz | Time – 02:39:16 minutes | 3,94 GB | Genre: Classical
Studio Masters, Official Digital Download | Digital Booklet, Front Cover | © Erato – Warner Classics

Christina Pluhar has long been interested in the vocal music of the 17th century, in particular that of composer Luigi Rossi born around 1597 in the beautiful province of Puglia. He was the titular composer to the Medicis in Florence before taking a job with Cardinal Barberini in Rome. In France, Cardinal Mazarin commissioned him to produce the first Italian opera written specifically for the French court. In a manner of speaking, Rossi is at the root of the productions that another Italian, Lully, would later write for Louis XIV.

In 2005, Christina Pluhar had recorded the Lyra d’Orfeo, taken from Rossi’s desk drawer, with her ensemble L’Arpeggiata, with the voice of Veronique Gens in all its splendour. But a legal problem arose which prevented its production as a record for nearly 15 years. With the lawsuit ongoing, Christina Pluhar completed her project with Arpa Davidica, a new original compilation of works by Luigi Rossi, which she and her assistants discovered in various libraries.

Pluhar has selected a series of virtuoso, theatrical pieces geared closely to the lyrics, as Rossi would set to music the most beautiful poems of his day. Taking on the best voices of the moment, Cécile Scheen, Giuseppina Bridelli, Philippe Jaroussky, Jakub Józef Orliński and Valer Sabadus, Christina Pluhar has pulled out all the stops to bring enchanting and incredibly musically-rich material back to life. The few indications relating to the instrumental accompaniment left on the manuscripts leave the performers almost total freedom. They can imagine all sorts of instrumental combinations to link complicated melismas with the virtuosity of the vocal lines that the composer intended. The interpretation also works as a complete recreation. – François Hudry


Sances, Giovanni Felice (c.1600-79) :
01. Sinfonia 2:38

Rossi, Luigi (1597-1653) :
02. Il palazzo incantato, Prologue: “Vaghi rivi” (Pittura) 2:41
03. “Begl’occhi che dite” 5:46
04. L’Orfeo, Act 2: “A l’imperio d’Amore” (Chorus, Eurydice) 2:19
05. Rossi / Arr. Pluhar: L’Orfeo, Act 2: “Mio ben” (Eurydice) 5:11
06. L’Orfeo, Act 3: Dormite, begl’occhi 2:19

Rossi / Arr. Pluhar 10:13
07. “Questo picciolo rio” 4:51
08. “Se dolente e flebil cetra” 5:22

09. Il palazzo incantato, Act 2: Ballo di fantasmi 2:30
10. “La bella più bella il cor mi feri” 3:56
11. Il palazzo incantato, Act 3: Ritornello 0:58
12. Rossi / Arr. Pluhar: “Al soave spirar” (Lamento di Arione) 9:33
13. L’Orfeo, Act 3: “Lasciate Averno” (Orfeo) 5:43
14. Rossi / Arr. Pluhar: “Dopo lungo penare” 1:57
15. “M’uccidete begl’occhi” 3:38
16. Rossi / Arr. Pluhar: “Ai sospiri, al dolori” 4:50

Marazzoli, Marco (c.1605-62) :
17. Marazzoli / Arr. Pluhar: “Dal cielo cader vid’io due stelle” 7:05

Rossi, Luigi (1597-1653) :
18. “Anime, voi che sete delle furie d’abisso” 4:29
19. “Gelosia, ch’a poco a poco nel mio cor serpendo vai” 5:10
20. Rossi / Arr. Pluhar: L’Orfeo, Act 1: “Sol per breve momento” (Bradamante) 3:45

21. anon.: Anon / Arr. Pluhar: “Dimmi sogno pittore” 3:09

Rossi, Luigi (1597-1653) :
22. “Tra romite contrade” (Lamento di Olimpia) 3:09
23. Lascia, speranza, ohimè 6:41

Sances, Giovanni Felice (c.1600-79) :
24. “Presso l’onde tranquillo” 5:14

Rossi, Luigi (1597-1653) :
Rossi / Arr. Pluhar 7:09
25. Il palazzo incantato, Act 3: L’Avignone. Corrente 1:19
26. “Quando spiega la notte” 5:50

27. “Mostro con l’ali nere” 7:28
28. L’Orfeo, Act 3: Fantasia. Les Pleurs d’Orphée 1:43
29. “Erminia sventurata” (Lamento di Erminia) 6:05

Rossi / Arr. Pluhar 18:51
30. “Io piangea presso d’un rio” 6:48
31. Il palazzo incantato, Act 3: “Dove mi spingi Amor” (Pittura) 5:40
32. Il palazzo incantato: Sinfonia avanti al prologo 2:39
33. “Taci ohimè non pianger più” 3:44

34. anon.: “S’era alquanto addormentato” 9:09

Rossi, Luigi (1597-1653) :
35. Rossi / Arr. Pluhar: L’Orfeo, Act 3: “Lagrime, dove sete ?” (Orfeo) 3:53
36. Passacaille del seigneur Luigi 2:19

Véronique Gens (soprano), Céline Scheen (soprano), Giuseppina Bridelli (mezzo-soprano),
Philippe Jaroussky (counter-tenor), Jakub Józef Orliński (counter-tenor), Valer Sabadus (counter-tenor)
L’Arpeggiata, Christina Pluhar


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