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John Lennon – Plastic Ono Band (1970) (The Ultimate Collection 2021) [High Fidelity Pure Audio Blu-Ray Disc]

Completely remixed from original multitracks, overseen by producer Yoko Ono Lennon, featuring Ringo Starr, Klaus Voormann, George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Billy Preston & Phil Spector. Ultimate Mixes, Outtakes, Elements, Raw Studio, Evolution, Demos, Jams & Yoko Live Sessions. 2 Blu-Ray Audio Discs: 159 new mixes, 11+ hrs, HiRes 192/24: Stereo, 5.1 Surround & Dolby Atmos. 6 CDs: 102 new mixes, 6+ hrs. 132-page hardback book with rare photos, memorabilia & extensive notes. Poster & 2 postcards.

RELEASE         : John.Lennon.Plastic.Ono.Band.1970.The.Ultimate.Collection.2021.COMPLETE.MBLURAY-MIDDLE

DATE            : 2021/05/02

RUNTIME         : 11h

AUDIO D1        : [LPCM   |   2.0]   [ 2.304Kbps]
                : [LPCM   |   2.0]   [ 9.216Kbps]
                : [THD    |   7.1]   [ 5.058Kbps]
                : [DTS MA |   5.1]   [10.714Kbps]
AUDIO D2        : [LPCM   |   2.0]   [ 2.304Kbps]
                : [LPCM   |   2.0]   [ 9.216Kbps]
VIDEO           : [1920   |  1080]
SUBS            : [n/a]

GENRE           : Pop
IMDB            : [n/a]
RATING          : [n/a]

COMMENT         : Enjoy!

                  Lennon’s first ‘proper’ solo album was issued in December 1970 and is a raw,
                  stripped-back delve into the psyche of the ex-Beatle. The lyrics of songs like
                  ‘Isolation’, ‘Mother’, ‘Working Class Hero’ and ‘Hold On’ are Lennon exploring
                  (and exposing) his personal issues, including the pain of losing his mother, twice
                  – once when she abandoned him, leaving him in the care of his Aunt ‘Mimi’ Smith,
                  and then when she was killed in a road traffic accident (in 1958).

                  John undertook Arthur Janov’s ‘Primal Therapy’ earlier in 1970 as a way to deal
                  with this repressed pain and clearly the issues – and in the case of ‘Mother’, the
                  actual therapy itself – carried over into the album.

                  The album was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in September and October of 1970 and
                  was co-produced by Lennon, Yoko Ono and Phil Spector. The core band was just John,
                  Ringo Starr and Klaus Voorman (on bass), although Yoko is credited with ‘Wind’ and
                  Billy Preston and Phil Spector both played piano on a track each (‘God’ and ‘Love’,

                  As with the Imagine reissue of 2018 and last year’s Gimme Some Truth ‘best of’, the
                  audio for this reissue of Plastic Ono Band has been completely remixed from the original
                  multi-track tapes, led by engineer Paul Hicks.

                  Mixes are broken into different categories. Ultimate Mixes are the most faithful to
                  the originals but are generally “sonically clearer” and also focus on increasing the
                  clarify of John’s vocals. Outtakes are presented in the style of a ‘rough listening mix’
                  and Elements mixes are designed to bring out aspects previously buried in a mix. Evolution
                  Documentary mixes are an ‘€˜audio montage’ that takes you through the development of each
                  song from demo to master recording via “instructions, rehearsals, recordings, multitrack
                  exploration and studio chatter”. As if that wasn’t enough there’s demos – both home and
                  studio – plus jams, some of which take in old rock ‘n’ roll numbers once covered by The
                  Beatles (‘Honey Don’t’, ‘Matchbox’) and even a couple of Fab songs themselves in ‘Get
                  Back’ and ‘I’ve Got A Feeling’. On blu-ray there are some lengthy Yoko live sessions.

                  The album is presented in 5.1 surround sound on one of the blu-rays but Plastic Ono Band
                  goes a step further than Imagine and offers the audio in Dolby Atmos. Hi-res  192/24
                  stereo is also available.

                  Amazingly, their are 159 new mixes of this 11-track album, across the two blu-rays, although
                  that includes versions of non-album tracks ‘Give Peace A Chance’, ‘Instant Karma’ and ‘Cold
                  Turkey’. This adds up to more than 11 hours of audio.

                  Disc 1: All tracks in Stereo 24/192, Dolby Atmos and 5.1 Surround Sound

                  The Ultimate Mixes Album And Singles
                  The Ultimate Mixes Outtakes
                  The Elements Mixes Album And Singles
                  The Demos Album And Singles

                  Disc 2: All tracks in Stereo 24/192, Dolby Atmos and 5.1 Surround Sound

                  The Raw Studio Mixes Album And Singles
                  The Raw Studio Mixes Outtakes
                  The Evolution Mixes Album And Singles
                  The Jams Live And Improvised
                  Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band The Live Sessions

2xBlu-ray ISO (John.Lennon.Plastic.Ono.Band.1970.The.Ultimate.Collection.2021.COMPLETE.MBLURAY-MIDDLE)

Disc 1

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Disc 2

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John.Lennon.Plastic.Ono.Band.1970.The.Ultimate.Collection.The.Raw.Studio.Mixes.2021.1080p.PURE.MBluRay.x264-TREBLE (Link Fixed)




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