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J.S. Bach: The Partitas (complete) – Glenn Gould (2012) {PS3 ISO + FLAC}

J.S. Bach: The Partitas (complete) – Glenn Gould (2012)
PS3 Rip | 2 SACD ISO | DST64 2.0 > 1-bit/2.8224 MHz | 66:03 (Disc 1), 71:07 (Disc 2) | 3.93 GB Total
2 Discs FLAC 2.0 Stereo (PS3 ISO extract / Weiss Saracon conversion) 24bit/88,2 kHz | 1.77 GB Total
Japan Import | Year: 1959, 2012

This recording featuring Bach’s complete Partitas for keyboard are probably one of Glenn Gould’s most accessible and easy to digest interpretations, so it’s no surprise that Sony has chosen it for re-mastering on SA-CD.

Canadian pianist Glenn Gould first became famous for his daring interpretation of Bach’s Goldberg Variations on his debut album with Columbia. Featuring unusual tempis for some of the variations, crystal clear playing, and a dazzling technical virtuosity (especially in the way he played some variations lightning fast), the overall performance made many people see the work with completely new eyes. Even jaded connoisseurs found fresh insights in a seemingly rigid and formal piece of music and a performance that seemed to go against convention for piano interpretations of Bach keyboard works.

Gould plays the piano more like a harpsichord, deliberately avoiding extreme dynamics and maintaining fairly strict rhythm. The result are melodies that soar in spite of the rigid performance, and the phrasing is so clear all the individual polyphonic parts come through with perfect clarity. The fast passages (particularly Third Movement (Presto) of the Italian Concerto are as breathtaking as ever, and Glenn’s annoying vocalisations (very prominent in some of his later albums) are kept to a minimum. The performance on SACD version seems to flow.

Glenn Gould fans of course need no encouragement to buy on SACD, but it is an excellent introduction to Bach and also to the talent of Glenn Gould if you are unfamiliar with either. Exceptionally remastered hi-res sound!
I bought this SACD to replace much earlier Columbia/CBS/Sony red book CDs, and this is worth every penny! I have already listened to it 6 times. Gould was arguably most at home with Bach and it shows here on this album, the remastering to SACD status is stunning. For Gould fans and Bach fanatics and especially both, this is a must to add to the collection


01. Partita No. 1 I. Praeludium
02. II. Allemande
03. III. Corrente
04. IV. Sarabande
05. V. Menuet I – Menuet II
06. VI. Giga
07. Partita No. 2 I. Sinfonia. Grave adagio – Andante – Allegro
08. II. Allemande
09. III. Courante
10. IV. Sarabande
11. V. Rondeaux
12. VI. Capriccio
13. Partita No. 3 I. Fantasia
14. II. Allemande
15. III. Corrente
16. IV. Sarabande
17. V. Burlesca
18. VI. Scherzo
19. VII. Gigue

01. Partita No. 4 I. Ouverture
02. II. Allemande
03. III. Courante
04. IV. Aria
05. V. Sarabande
06-. VI. Menuet
07. VII. Gigue
08. Partita No. 5 I. Praeambulum
09. II. Allemande
10-. III. Corrente
11. IV. Sarabande
12. V. Tempo di Minuetta
13. VI. Passepied
14. VII. Gigue
15. Partita No. 6 I. Toccata
16. II. Allemande
17. III. Corrente
18. IV. Air
19. V. Sarabande
20. VI. Tempo di Gavotta
21. VII. Gigue



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