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Ibrahim Maalouf – 40 Melodies (2020) [Official Digital Download 24bit/48kHz]

Ibrahim Maalouf – 40 Melodies (2020)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/48 kHz | Time – 02:32:35 minutes | 1,52 GB | Genre: Jazz
Studio Masters, Official Digital Download | Digital Booklet, Front Cover | © Mi’ster

On November 6, 2020, the day after his 40th birthday, musician and composer Ibrahim Maalouf will unveil his 12th studio album entitled “40 melodies” in reference to his 40 candles.

The album is totally different from the previous projects of the artist since for the first time in 15 years of discography, Ibrahim proposes an intimate duo with his friend and collaborator of more than 10 years, the Belgian guitarist François Delporte.

The duo revisits Ibrahim’s melodies that have marked the spirits, both on his albums and on his B. O, but also some unreleased tracks. All with the appearance of a string of prestigious surprise guests (Sting, Matthieu Chedid, Marcus Miller, Alfredo Rodriguez, Richard Bona, Trilok Gurtu, Hüsnü Senlendrici, Jon Batiste, Arturo Sandoval, and many others).

Ibrahim returns to his origins and the essentials: a trumpet, a guitar and 40 melodies, to celebrate his 40th birthday.

40 melodies for 40 years. Ibrahim Maalouf is celebrating another decade on earth and he’s gone all out. How else would he be able to cover all the sides to his sound? Over the course of his albums and collaborations, the Franco-Lebanese trumpeter’s world has expanded into a fascinating mosaic of jazz, pop, oriental music, French chanson and a thousand other genres. Though what makes this album so great is just how intimate it is. This 12th album stands out from his others. For the first time in his 15-year-long career, Maalouf plays in duet with his old friend – the Belgian guitarist François Delporte. The duo revisit key melodies from the trumpet player’s previous albums and soundtracks. We also find a few previously unreleased tracks. The cherry on the (birthday) cake is the long list of party guests: Sting, Matthieu Chedid, Marcus Miller, Alfredo Rodriguez, Richard Bona, Trilok Gurtu, Jon Batiste and Arturo Sandoval. As shown by his previous records, Ibrahim Maalouf is like a musical crossbreeder. Here, he lays bare his playing, his sound and his relationship to melody and improvisation. Plus, he never forgets about Delporte, whose guitar isn’t just ornamental. The brilliance of Maalouf’s playing becomes even more obvious in this minimalist setting. While in the past it has been hidden amongst heavily orchestrated, heavily arranged and heavily produced works, it sounds here almost like a confession. One that’s swathed in emotion, especially in the context of a wounded Beirut and crumbling Lebanon… With just a melody, just a trumpet and guitar, Ibrahim Maalouf floats through various landscapes and eras on what might just be one of his best recordings yet. – Marc Zisman


1. Ibrahim Maalouf – True Sorry (Duo Version)
2. Ibrahim Maalouf – Free Spirit (Duo Version)
3. Ibrahim Maalouf – Beirut (Duo Version)
4. Ibrahim Maalouf – Happy Face (Duo Version)
5. Ibrahim Maalouf – Hashish (Duo Version)
6. Ibrahim Maalouf – Défilé 1962 (Duo Version)
7. Ibrahim Maalouf – Harlem (Duo Version)
8. Ibrahim Maalouf – Red & Black Light (Duo Version)
9. Ibrahim Maalouf – Kalthoum (Movement I) (Duo Version)
10. Ibrahim Maalouf – Esse Emme (Duo Version)
11. Ibrahim Maalouf – S3NS (Duo Version)
12. Ibrahim Maalouf – Celle que vous croyez (Duo Version)
13. Ibrahim Maalouf – InPressi (Duo Version)
14. Ibrahim Maalouf – Diaspora (Duo Version)
15. Ibrahim Maalouf – Les Quais (Duo Version)
16. Ibrahim Maalouf – Will Soon Be a Woman (Duo Version)
17. Ibrahim Maalouf – Essentielles (Duo Version)
18. Ibrahim Maalouf – Radio Magallanes (Duo Version)
19. Ibrahim Maalouf – Maeva in Wonderland (Duo Version)
20. Ibrahim Maalouf – Surprises (Duo Version)
21. Ibrahim Maalouf – L’Anniversaire (Duo Version)
22. Ibrahim Maalouf – Levantine Symphony No. 1 (Duo Version)
23. Ibrahim Maalouf – Una Rosa Blanca (Duo Version)
24. Ibrahim Maalouf – Improbable (Duo Version)
25. Ibrahim Maalouf – Le Grand Voyage (Duo Version)
26. Ibrahim Maalouf – Radiance (Duo Version)
27. Ibrahim Maalouf – L’Heure du T (Duo Version)
28. Ibrahim Maalouf – All I Can’t Say (Duo Version)
29. Ibrahim Maalouf – Gebrayel (Duo Version)
30. Ibrahim Maalouf – Marseille (Duo Version)
31. Ibrahim Maalouf – Your Soul (Duo Version)
32. Ibrahim Maalouf – Shadows (Duo Version)
33. Ibrahim Maalouf – Goodnight Kiss (Duo Version)
34. Ibrahim Maalouf – Sensuality (Duo Version)
35. Ibrahim Maalouf – Questions & Answers (Duo Version)
36. Ibrahim Maalouf – Red Rose (Duo Version)
37. Ibrahim Maalouf – Election Night (Duo Version)
38. Ibrahim Maalouf – Ya Ha La (Duo Version)
39. Ibrahim Maalouf – Waiting (Duo Version)
40. Ibrahim Maalouf – Salma Ya Salama (Duo Version)
41. Ibrahim Maalouf – All Around the Wall
42. Ibrahim Maalouf – Layla’s Wedding
43. Ibrahim Maalouf – If I


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