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Henning Fuchs – Gaia (2020) [Official Digital Download 24bit/96kHz]

Henning Fuchs – Gaia (2020)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/96 kHz | Time – 38:39 minutes | 739 MB | Genre: Classical
Studio Masters, Official Digital Download | Front Cover | © Neue Meister

As a teenager, Henning Fuchs wanted to be a Greenpeace activist, impeding ships, drills and rigs from assaulting earth. But, dissuaded by his high- school biology grades, he chose to become a composer instead. His portfolio and back-catalogue are proof that Henning probably made the right choice, having been involved in several renowned albums, awarded film scoring and dance projects with the likes of Max Richter, Wim Wenders and Wayne McGregor. Yet the recent years saw the musician renew his teenage interest in the environment, as he embarked in a wide-reaching study of scientific theories and spiritual teachings about our planet. His investigation culminated in GAIA, his latest album.

GAIA is a concept album in the truest sense, and at its core is the ancient understanding of earth as a living organism. The indiginous peoples of the Andes idealised it as the deity Pachamama, the ancient Greeks, Gaia, and the concept was first expounded scientifically by James Lovelock in his 1970s work, the Gaia Hypothesis. All these wisdoms old and new, consider the totality of Mother Nature as encompassing both living and geological systems and their complex interconnectedness. In this sense, earth is no longer just a rock we, humans, reside in, but rather an active and self-regulating organism which can create, wound and heal itself, and of which we are a part of, “whether you look at it scientifically or spiritually: the understanding of planet earth as a living being is crucial for our survival as a species,” says Henning.

There’s obviously an urgency to Henning Fuchs’ album – faced with unprecedented levels of carbon emissions, deforestation and extinction plus a pandemic which has distanced and divided us, reminding ourselves that we are part of one and the same living organism is a timely call for unity. The music, however, is gentle in conveying such a pressing topic. In taking the billion-year perspective of earth, “saving the planet” becomes an infantile and presumptuous plea. What we can do, GAIA seems to say, is try to live harmoniously within this organism that has been here before us, and will surely continue to exist after us. “Peace is only possible with everyone. We must learn how to understand each other. This is the message of GAIA,” says Henning.


01. Henning Fuchs – Gaia Rises
02. Henning Fuchs – The Storm Will Pass
03. Henning Fuchs – Time Drops
04. Henning Fuchs – Pacha Mama
05. Henning Fuchs – Protozoa
06. Henning Fuchs – Flying River
07. Henning Fuchs – Thrive
08. Henning Fuchs – Miracle of Life
09. Henning Fuchs – The Tribe
10. Henning Fuchs – Home
11. Henning Fuchs – Flying River (Reprise)


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