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Enrico Onofri – Seicento (2020) [Official Digital Download 24bit/96kHz]

Enrico Onofri – Seicento (2020)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/96 kHz | Time – 01:14:35 minutes | 1,5 GB | Genre: Classical
Studio Masters, Official Digital Download | Digital Booklet, Front Cover | © Passacaille

Small size, four gut strings, a short bow were at beginning the ingredients of the magic. Such a magic happened in Italy, the cradle of the violin, during the seventeenth century. “Seicento!” is therefore a multifaceted time-travel through the Early Baroque, from Venice to Sicily, exploring the wonders of the first violin virtuosos and their dexterous-passionated playing. A collection of musics born looking at Caravaggio, Bernini and Borromini’s masterworks. © Passacaille

There has always been a healthy emulation between instrument makers and composers, the latter benefiting from the former’s innovations and vice versa. Although the violin was developed by Italian violin makers during the 16th century, it was only in the following century, the “Seicento” in Italy, that it would really take off and spread quite rapidly throughout Europe.

A new style, often called “stilo moderno”, emerged in the early 17th century with the first works written specifically for the violin by composers who exploited all its expressive and virtuosic possibilities, making it sound as close as possible to the human voice. This is what Enrico Onofri and his Ensemble Imaginarium do here with this panorama of the violin sonata, an ideal sequel to their album “La voce del violino”, which had already paved the way. In order to do so, they use for the first time in the world – and in accordance with the latest historical research – a pitch slightly higher than 440, skilful ornaments and an at times very wide vibrato that multiplies the fantastic and disturbing aspect tenfold, something which is already produced by the use of a highly expressive chromaticism.

A whole catalogue of affects is deployed here with, among others, works by Girolamo Kapsberger, Biagio Marini, Aurelio Virgiliano or Alessandro Stradella, composers who establish a new musical vocabulary through the violin by giving a big boost to the consorts of viols. The coup de grâce would be dealt to them at the end of this same century with Corelli’s Opus V which would set in stone the supremacy of the new instrument and its family of the viola, cello and double bass, allowing for the birth of the modern orchestra. – François Hudry


1. Enrico Onofri – Libro primo di sinfonie a quattro con il basso continuo: Sinfonia XIII a un canto
2. Enrico Onofri – Sonate, symphonie, canzoni, passe’mezzi, baletti, corenti, gagliarde e retornelli, Op. 8 No. 58: Sonata Terza variata per il violino
3. Imaginarium Ensemble – Il Dolcimelo: Ricercata per flauto et ogni altro istromento
4. Enrico Onofri – Canzoni fantasie et correnti da suonar ad una 2, 3, 4, con basso continuo No. 3: Canzon Terza a soprano solo
5. Enrico Onofri – Sonate, symphonie, canzoni, passe’mezzi, baletti, corenti, gagliarde e retornelli, Op. 8 No. 59: Sonata Quarta per il violino per sonar con due corde
6. Enrico Onofri – Sonatas in 1, 2, 3 Parts: Sonata 6 a violino solo
7. Enrico Onofri – Sonate, correnti et arie, Op. 4: Sonata quarta a violino solo detta la Hortensia virtuosa
8. Enrico Onofri – Selva de varii passaggi, Book 2: I. Io son ferito
9. Enrico Onofri – 6 Sonate a violino solo per chiesa e camera: I. La bernabea
10. Enrico Onofri – Sinfonie ad uno, e doi violini, a doi, e trombone: Sinfonia quarta “Geloso”
11. Enrico Onofri – Ozio Regio, Op. 7: Sonata III a violino solo
12. Enrico Onofri – Sinfonia a violino solo, violone e basso


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