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Diana Krall – The Look of Love (2003) [DVD-Audio ISO]

Diana Krall – The Look of Love
Artist: Diana Krall | Albim: The Look of Love | Style: Vocal Jazz, Contemporary Jazz | Year: 2003 [2001 original] | Quality: DVD-Audio (MLP 5.1 96kHz/24Bit, MLP 2.0 96kHz.24Bit, Dolby AC3 5.1 48kHz/24Bit) | Bitrate: lossless | Tracks: 10 | Size: 4.56 Gb | Recovery: 5% | Covers: front only | Release: Verve Records (B0001604-19) | UMG, 2003 | Note: Not Watermarked

Diana Krall has a good voice and plays decent piano, but this somewhat ridiculously packaged Verve CD seems like an obvious attempt to turn her into a pop icon, and sex symbol to boot. The bland arrangements by Claus Ogerman (who conducts the London Symphony Orchestra or the Los Angeles Session Orchestra on each track) border on easy listening, while Krall and her various supporting musicians, including John Pisano, Russell Malone, Christian McBride, and Peter Erskine (among others), clearly seem stifled by their respective roles. There are plenty of strong compositions here, including standards like “I Remember You,” “The Night We Called It a Day,” and “I Get Along Without You Very Well,” but the unimaginative and often syrupy charts take their toll on the performances. What is even sillier is the label’s insistence on attempting to photograph the artist in various sultry poses, which she evidently wants to discourage by refusing to provide much of a smile (the rumor is that she’s not happy with this part of the business at all). If you are looking for unchallenging background music, this will fit the bill, but jazz fans are advised to check out Krall’s earlier releases instead.


01. ‘S Wonderful (04:29)
02. Love Letters (04:56)
03. I Remember You (03:56)
04. Cry Me a River (05:03)
05. Besame Mucho (06:40)
06. Night We Called It a Day (05:42)
07. Dancing in the Dark (05:48)
08. I Get Along Without You Very Well (03:44)
09. The Look of Love (04:41)
10. Maybe You’ll Be There (05:31)


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