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Dakota Staton – Dakota Sings Ballads And The Blues (1960/2021) [Official Digital Download 24bit/96kHz]

Dakota Staton – Dakota Sings Ballads And The Blues (1960/2021)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/96 kHz | Time – 01:12:44 minutes | 1,19 GB | Genre: Jazz
Studio Masters, Official Digital Download | Front Cover | © RevOla

Dakota Staton Sings Ballads and the Blues is one of my favorite compilations! It has 12 tracks from “Dakota” recorded in 1960 and 12 tracks “Dakota Staton Sings Ballads and the Blues recorded in 1959, with 2 bonus tracks (“On Chapel Hill,” and “Porgy”) with the Norman Simmon’s Orchestra and great liner notes. The only way to describe this CD is that it swings as is evident by opening tune “Rock Me To Sleep” followed by “If I Love Again.” The up tempo rhythm for “Green Dolphin Street, and “Pick Yourself Up” shows that Dakota can keep up with the best of them. “Trapped” remains one of my personal favorites because it is funky and jazzy at the same time, not to mention the great lyrics. Her call and answer response on “Love Me” takes you back to the smoke filled nightclub days as does the finger snapping you can’t resist when listening to “My Babe.” The words and rhythm of “Seems Like You Just Don’t care” makes it just fun to listen to and shows how much Dakota liked to have fun when singing.

Dakota never fails to deliver words with exquisite diction and musicianship which are heard clearly on ballads such as “Don’t Leave Me Now,” “Make Me A Present Of You,” and the emotions just build throughout on “Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool.” The cutesy nicely syncopated “Meet Me At No Special Place” is a delight and her bold sultry rendition of “I’ll Close My Eyes” makes you think that she is just singing only to you. Dakota’s unique styling is clearly executed when she sings “Why Don’t You Think Things Over,” and “My One And Only Love.” The pathos she exudes in her voice on “Where Flamingos Fly” makes you hang on every note.

The tracks on this CD highlight Dakota’s dynamic voice filled with a wide range of emotion that shows that she can sing blues, ballads and jazz like it’s nobody’s business. Honestly there is not a weak song on this CD and I strongly recommend it to Dakota Staton fans and for those who may not be familiar with her name and sound. But beware, once you hear Dakota Staton sing, you’ll never forget that voice. She was one of a kind!

1. Dakota Staton – Rock Me To Sleep (Remastered)
2. Dakota Staton – Don’t Leave Me Now (Remastered)
3. Dakota Staton – If I Love Again (Remastered)
4. Dakota Staton – Make Me a Present of You (Remastered)
5. Dakota Staton – On Green Dolphin Street (Remastered)
6. Dakota Staton – Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool (Remastered)
7. Dakota Staton – Weak for the Man (Remastered)
8. Dakota Staton – Meet Me at No Special Place (Remastered)
9. Dakota Staton – The Masquerade Is Over (Remastered)
10. Dakota Staton – Pick Yourself Up (Remastered)
11. Dakota Staton – I’ll Close My Eyes (Remastered)
12. Dakota Staton – Trapped (In A Web Of Love) (Remastered)
13. Dakota Staton – Someone to Watch Over Me (Remastered)
14. Dakota Staton – I Need Your Love So Bad (Remastered)
15. Dakota Staton – Why Don’t You Think Things Over (Remastered)
16. Dakota Staton – Romance in the Dark (Remastered)
17. Dakota Staton – My One and Only Love (Remastered)
18. Dakota Staton – Love Me (Remastered)
19. Dakota Staton – I’ll Know (Remastered)
20. Dakota Staton – Where Flamingos Fly (Remastered)
21. Dakota Staton – Time Was (Remastered)
22. Dakota Staton – My Babe (Remastered)
23. Dakota Staton – Come Home (Remastered)
24. Dakota Staton – Seems Like You Just Don’t Care (Remastered)
25. Dakota Staton – On Chapel Hill (Remastered)
26. Dakota Staton – Porgy (Remastered)


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