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Courtney Barnett – Things Take Time, Take Time (2021) [Official Digital Download 24bit/96kHz]

Courtney Barnett – Things Take Time, Take Time (2021)
FLAC (tracks) 24bit/96kHz | Time – 00:33:58 minutes | 718 MB | Genre: Alternative, Indie Pop
Studio Masters, Official Digital Download | Front Cover | © Marathon Artists

Burned out from touring her last album, Courtney Barnett crashed at home in Melbourne just as pandemic lockdown was kicking in, and she was ready to shake off her blues. “I feel like I was intentionally trying to find the positives in things,” she has said. “The world is so pointless, and so fucked in so many ways, but there’s so many beautiful little small moments happening.” In that case, languid and countrified first song “Rae Street” must have been written when she first got home, because it both catalogs the little moments of a neighborhood—a kid learning to ride a bike, dog leashes entangling—and wonders of a couple painting their house: “What’s the point?/ It looks fine from up here.” But from there, she seems to settle in. “Take It Day By Day” is an appreciation of friendship inspired by a weekly Zoom conversation. While so many people have come to dread that method of communication, Barnett embraces it as a life-saver. “I found a deeper communication with people in my life—deeper conversations,” she has said. There are shades of Liz Phair as the sing-song lyrics goof on life advice: “Don’t stick that knife in the toaster/ Baby, life is like a rollercoaster/ And there’s nothing wrong with getting older.” Beautiful moments can also mean not taking romantic love for granted or letting it slip away over a disagreement. On “Before You Gotta Go,” she sings of “Pride like poison, always keeping score/ You don’t have to slam the door” and lightly chides, “Don’t you know I’m not the enemy/ Maybe let’s cut out caffeine.” As the Peter Buck-esque guitars chime, the song starts off with the drums pacing, as if in a confined space and waiting to run, then given a little more room to pick up speed on the second verse. Meanwhile, Barnette reaches a realization: “If something were to happen, my dear/ I wouldn’t want the last words you hear/ To be unkind.” There’s also an early R.E.M. vibe in the jaunty jangle of “Write A List Of Things To Look Forward To,” which takes its name from something a friend suggested to Barnett as a way to pull her out of a funk. The guitar is bright and sunny as it spins a melody perfect for cruising open roads with your arm out the car window. Elsewhere, there are shades of “Range Life”-era Pavement on the cozily meandering “Sunfair Sundown.” “Splendour” is a romantic swoon, as punch-drunk as a 1950s prom theme. And set to the ’70s country stylings of “If I Don’t Hear from You Tonight,” Barnett sings, “If loving you’s a crime, then gimme those front page headlines.” Her third album may not have the explosive pop spirit of “Aqua Profunda!” and “Elevator Operator” from her debut, but her wry lyrics just keep getting better and better. – Shelly Ridenour

1. Courtney Barnett – Rae Street
2. Courtney Barnett – Sunfair Sundown
3. Courtney Barnett – Here’s The Thing
4. Courtney Barnett – Before You Gotta Go
5. Courtney Barnett – Turning Green
6. Courtney Barnett – Take It Day By Day
7. Courtney Barnett – If I Don’t Hear From You Tonight
8. Courtney Barnett – Write A List of Things To Look Forward To
9. Courtney Barnett – Splendour
10. Courtney Barnett – Oh The Night


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