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Be Cause – Light and Darkness (2021) [Official Digital Download 24bit/48kHz]

Be Cause – Light and Darkness (2021)
FLAC (tracks) 24bit/48kHz | Time – 01:26:46 minutes | 1001 MB | Genre: Alternative, Indie
Studio Masters, Official Digital Download | Front Cover | © Temple Road Records

Third instalment of the Inner Quest series, Light and Darkness is maybe the more enigmatic one. It embodies literally two souls, Light and Darkness, not intended as opposite but rather as complementary. The differences in genre, mood, sound among the tracks reflect this concept, and while sometimes the songs appear distant from each other, surprisingly the overall work is very organic and consistent.

The lyrics root in the deepness of philosophy, but even in abstractions and myths as well as in the simplest things of everyday life, as if to say that everything coexists simultaneously, like different layers that compose the reality, each layer having the same importance of the others.
This is a concept album, like the earlier ones, and all the albums are a concept as well, related to the Inner Quest.

The first one, Anima Mundi, is related to a personal quest, the research of the inner self.

The second one, New Knights, is the further step. Once we have reached ourselves, even if not completely, a choice needs to be made, and the ultimate, possible choice is to put our own experience and realization at disposal of the others, as keepers of higher principles, just like Knights do.

This final chapter explores the apparent opposites in many different ways and forms giving to this subject a third kind of vision, one that considers the so-called opposites as couples.

So black and white are both different grades of colours, the sun and the moon in some way contain each other and an eclipse is the conjunction of them, the day and the night are essentials part of the day, the Light and the Darkness metaphorically and philosophically could be considered as the constituents of the reality, the left and the right hand are joined together and while doing this they create a third thing.

It’s not about pretending that there isn’t something wrong or right, it’s a more comprehensive point of view, which overcomes conflicts, stances, prejudices and beliefs.
So, the binary logic is defeated in favour of a three-dimensional vision.

Abstractions and ordinary life are treated the same way, not giving more importance to one or the other.

At the end, “this world is a joke of fools”, and the last song is both literally an invitation not to consider ourselves so important and a funny joke.

This work even musically overcomes differences and styles, and while it could be considered as Prog, melodic Prog, or post prog in some parts, other tracks are not so easily definable.

We could use the term Prog not in a technical way but rather as a musical journey free of schemes, prejudices, rules. A journey that adopts the musical language which embodies the subject, the mood and content the most, and explores different approaches to the music writing in the most creative way. Including ways that are distant to the genre.

01. Stay 04:47
02. Light and Darkness 07:33
03. Black and White 04:08
04. Lullaby 03:57
05. Light 05:00
06. Eclipse 03:36
07. I see you 04:57
08. The Lovers 05:09
09. In the Moon 04:43
10. It’s so strange 05:25
11. Ancient Heart 04:35
12. Time will go 05:05
13. Renaissance 04:09
14. Jerusalem 05:00
15. New Sun 04:46
16. The dawn will come 06:51
17. The moment of truth 03:14
18. Join the love 03:51


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